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Norse Fashion Agency is a sales agency that has established itself as one of the leading agencies for the Nordic retail market,

a position we are constantly striving to maintain and improve.

As the link between brands and stores, our most distinctive role is to be a reliable and trustworthy partner for both sides.

We offer a diverse and extensive selection of carefully selected premium fashion brands, assisting them in strengthening their positions in the Nordic market. Our agency is well-known for being upfront, present, and thorough in all in-season activities and customer services.

Our CIFF showroom is situated in Bella Center, the largest trade center of Scandinavia. Its location is easily accessible for any visitor, just a short walk from several public transportation hubs. For those arriving by car, there is also ample parking available nearby.


Inside, we have created a minimalist and exclusive environment to showcase our brands. We are proud to offer a space that allows our visitors to immerse themselves in our products and experience the essence of our brand.


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We collaborate with numerous Nordic premium e-commerce platforms, multi-brand boutiques, and department stores in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, and Iceland to provide our clients with optimal exposure and positioning.


Our ultimate objective is to establish long-lasting relationships between brands and stores that are mutually beneficial.


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